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incuda is the fastest enabler of change from traditional to a data-driven business. We empower companies with our BI platform, knowledge & expertise. We let them focus on business by handling end-to-end BI transition, integration and operations.

Why incuda?

incuda provides a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence platform and expertise for companies and support them to go from data insights to full governance of strategy, tactics and operations.

Ready to Use

  • Market ready dashboards, reports, data model and data connectivity
  • Independence of IT capacity through modular data interfaces and out-of-the box connectors
  • Enables quick execution of Stakeholder requests
  • We handle operations, monitoring, data quality
Premium BI

  • Deep understanding of user-centric approach, E-commerce and multi-channel business
  • High affinity of data insights, including services for data intelligence and transformation of insights into activities
  • Find matching answers to any specific question
  • Understanding market drives
Long-term Partner

  • Get your data and Business Intelligence to the next level
  • Work together on your strategic goals
  • Trusted advisors & service providers
  • Sparring on your metric goals
Detail Data

  • Focus on your undiscovered potentials
  • Realise opportunities for new business scalability and new activities
  • Explore new ideas by looking into small segments and detailed scenarios
  • Handle complexity through our unified data model


Business Intelligence platform

Time-to-market is critical; do not re-invent the best practices. Our platform will provide you with the ready to use intelligent models to derive insights from your data and to visualize it with the 300+ reports included in the package.

Unified Customer View

Use the potential of a multi-channel, multi-device user-centric view to get a more detailed understanding of your prospects, customers, marketing campaigns and products. The system is flexible to be enhanced with profit or profiling data.

Trust Center

You have different systems and data sources where you are normally not allowed to combine the data. Use Trust Center and handle the different data sources across your company or group in a way which is compliant with European data privacy regulations. Let incuda as the trusted third-party process your data, while you have the access to safe and encrypted customer data for running your campaigns and analyzes.

Data Alliance

Get a wider view on your market and a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects. We combine your data with the data of other companies and allow the participants of this data alliance to get benchmark and trend-indicators for their markets and a deeper understanding of their own prospects and customers in a safe and encrypted way.


In a fast-paced consumer world, where a single change can produce spiral effect, incuda helps to make a better decision every day.

Analytics & Reporting

Either you like standard reporting or ad-hoc analyses, if you have too specific use cases or high overview approach we can help with building reports, dashboards and interactive data cubes customized for your needs and requirements. We can support you with the team capacity in big projects also share our knowledge and expertise to train your team members.

Customer Success

Going from insights to actions is not always a straight forward way. We have valuable industry learnings and specific success factors which can be tailored for you to drive your future business changes. We work together with you to “close the gap between data and action”.

Insights Discovery

Hidden insights or undiscovered anomalies can hold a big business potentials. Our platform enables to dig down to granular level data and our best practices can help you to unleash the opportunities.

Data Integration

Integrating data from different sources, both internal and external, to give companies holistic view and to align different departments on the same data-driven direction.

Trial Phase

try incuda BI

with your own data



  • Data Privacy & Regulations

Contracts for data management, data privacy, service levels, internal and external regulations. Compliant with German and European legislation and GDPRS. Definition of use cases to evaluate incuda BI during the trial phase.

  • Plug-in Connectors & Setup

incuda high performance Datawarehouse with pre-built & custom connectors for rapid implementation across all sources.

  • Pre-build & Custom Business Objects

Adjusted by parameters to the structure of your business.

  • Front-end, Training & onboarding

online documentation, configuration of operational processes, reports & dashboards.


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